About John Slater

John Slater, a FOCUS Managing Director and Advanced Manufacturing Team Leader, has thirty one years of M&A and capital raising experience. Prior to that time, he spent nine years as a practicing attorney, focused primarily on financial transactions, securities and tax matters. He can be reached at [email protected].

Using technology, automation and regionalization to overcome supply chain bottlenecks

2024-01-22T11:02:46+00:00Advanced Manufacturing, Blogs, Supply Chain|

Labor shortages are just one complication manufacturers face. Supply chain disruption has reared its head as one of the biggest challenges to date. John Slater and Courtney Ryan discuss what companies need to do to overcome these obstacles.

Is your precision metalworking company looking for machinists?

2024-01-22T11:02:00+00:00Advanced Manufacturing, Blogs|

If your precision metalworking shop is looking to hire your next machinist—and we know what short supply these technicians are in— your local middle school or high school might be an appropriate place to look. That is if they have their own student-run machine shop business in place. And if they don't, maybe your company can help them get one started.

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