About Us

With more than three decades of experience, FOCUS Investment Banking is a trusted name in middle market M&A advisory services worldwide. FOCUS works to understand each client’s strategic and financial objectives, craft the best plan to achieve these goals, and deliver success. Whether helping to sell, buy, or raise capital, FOCUS strives to maximize the value of every transaction to the benefit of its clients.

FOCUS Has a Proven Transaction Methodology for Delivering Results

Often cited by clients as a unique strength of our firm, our proven, well-documented transaction process will expedite a closing and contribute to your overall corporate success.  The process includes many documented steps:  a planning meeting, research, a Confidential Information Memorandum, initial contact with buyers, sellers and/or investors, presentations to interested companies and letters of intent.

All FOCUS Partners Have C-Level Operating Experience

FOCUS investment banking partners are all seasoned operating executives with prior experience as CEOs, COOs and CFOs.  Unlike the typical investment banker that has only a financial background, FOCUS bankers understand the operating nuances of your business and can serve your needs with a consultative approach.

Additionally, FOCUS bankers are actively involved in every stage of your transaction.  We do not delegate any portion of the engagement execution process to junior colleagues.

FOCUS Has A Formal Research Department Dedicated to Creating the Most Exact and Comprehensive Analysis to Help Get a Deal Closed

Many investment banking firms that serve much larger market clients have dedicated research functions.  These departments, working for larger firms, usually identify publicly traded companies with which they may want to enter into a transaction. Because this information is a matter of public record, it is easily obtained.

It is highly unusual for an investment banking firm serving the emerging growth and middle market to have a dedicated research department.  FOCUS has such a research department, and with many supplementary resources, including a proprietary database of more than 22,000 contacts which enables us to delve deeper and identify most privately-owned firms which would otherwise not be available for your consideration.

FOCUS Leverages Years of Experience in the Emerging Growth and Middle Market That Will Maximize the Opportunity for a Successful Transaction

FOCUS partners leverage years of experience in this marketplace in order to maximize your chances for a successful transaction.  Because we specifically target this space we have the necessary experience to service all of your needs.  We will provide you the comprehensive, personalized service you deserve.

FOCUS is a National Firm with Regional Offices Ensuring that all Clients Receive Personalized Service Throughout Every Phase of the Transaction

FOCUS’ national scope gives partners around the country the ability to collaborate and put together teams of partners and senior advisors who will bring even more experience to your transaction.