Printed Circuit Board (PCB) / Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)

printed circuit board FOCUS’ Electronics Manufacturing Team is one of the most experienced lower middle market electronics investment banking teams in the country.

Our three person, FINRA-licensed team has over 100 years of experience in the electronics and investment banking industries. In our careers, we have completed business transactions of various types of over $1B in the semiconductor, printed circuit board (PCB) and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industries.

We serve a variety of industries including: Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), Printed Circuit Board Assembly / Electronic Manufacturing, and Semiconductor, Equipment and Materials Manufacturing.

Working closely with senior management, FOCUS positions the client in the market to highlight their advantages for different types of acquirers (sell side) or sellers (buy side).

Sell side:
On the sell side, we represent owners, to help you identify and achieve your goals:

  • We help you evaluate your business, its readiness for sale and ways to increase its value,

  • We help you find multiple prospects for a sale, an acquisition or new capital,

  • We help you structure the deal; from asset or stock purchase, cash or debt, and more,

  • We recognize that transitioning after a sale and the impact of the sale on you and your family are important to your decision and go beyond pure economics.

Buy side:
We also represent buyers of businesses in our targeted sectors. Using a highly disciplined research based approach we:

  • Identify qualified candidates,
  • Reach out to these targets to tell our client’s story in a compelling way,
  • Introduce interested and qualified candidates to our client,
  • Assist in the negotiations until an LOI or IOI has been executed, and
  • Provide coordination and support throughout due diligence and documentation process to closing.

PCB and EMS Team

Owners: Keep an eye on your equity!

If you’re a printed circuit board shop owner, there are a lot of things to like about the industry right now. With a general resurgence of U.S.-based manufacturing, driven in part by extensive public (and not so public) investment in domestic manufacturing capability and technology-driven industrial innovation, owners see a bright future. In some sectors, your biggest problem may be keeping up with demand.

Representative Clients