Food and Beverage Investment Banking

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FOCUS’s team of bankers with expertise in Food & Beverage, Restaurants, Hospitality, Nutrition and Supply Chain offers entrepreneurs creative resources for financial advisory, strategic direction setting and alternative solutions for the many problems now facing this industry.

From Food Manufacturing to Retail Restaurant operations, the pandemic has put demands on operators across the full spectrum of the industry.  The needs of Food and Beverage companies for access to the financial and operational expertise of service professionals has never been greater.

Whether it is for restructuring of assets, acquisition or divestiture of operations, or finding additional capital or partners for expansion, FOCUS has the experience and breadth of industry contacts and knowledge to support clients in these critical efforts.

For over 15 years FOCUS’ experienced team has supported clients in baking, processed foods, beverages and other specialty as well as traditional mainstream areas.

Food is increasingly an international business and FOCUS has significant presence in global M&A through its association with M&A Worldwide. Recent engagements with food producers in Europe have confirmed the interest of major international food companies to play a larger role in the US market.

Our practice concentrates on providing investment banking services to middle market food industry clients including:

  • Sell-Side Engagements – to assist owners looking to exit or sell their business with the highest possible return
  • Buy-Side Engagements – helping clients grow their business through acquisition or expansion programs
  • Capital Formation – aiding companies in raising appropriate capital for growth, expansion or recapitalization.


  • Industry Expertise – With backgrounds that include C level operating experience as well as over 15 years of industry contacts and relationships with both strategic and financial players in the food industry, our bankers have a deep understanding of the forces at work that are shaping the industry.
  • Experienced Bankers – lead and execute every deal from start to finish giving our clients the advantage of continuity and experience as well advisory support.
  • Process-driven Outcomes – Supported by strong in-house research, our M&A process has a proven track record of over 130 closed deals in the last 10 years.

Over the past 20+ years members of the FOCUS Food & Beverage Group have worked with and advised companies in numerous sectors of the F&B Industry including:

  • Pasta Manufacturing
  • Sauces Makers
  • Artisan Bread Baking
  • Gourmet Teas
  • Pizza Manufacturing
  • Pita Bread and Bagel Manufacturing
  • Vegan Breads
  • Micro Breweries / Restaurant Chains
  • Hamburger Restaurant Chains
  • Pet Food Producers
  • Alternative Protein Based products
  • Beef, Pork, Veal Poultry Producer
  • Kombucha Manufacturer
  • Hard Cider Maker


Photo: Bill Battison

Bill Battison

Managing Director and Food and Beverage Team Leader

Photo: Paul Dickson

Paul Dickson

Managing Director

Photo: Kate Elliott

Kate Elliott

Director of Research

Photo: John Grady

John W. Grady

Managing Director

Photo: Cyril Schlup

Cyril Schlup