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Jorge Maceyras

Jorge A. Maceyras is a Managing Director at FOCUS Investment Banking and a co-leader of the Advanced Manufacturing industry group at M&A Worldwide. Mr. Maceyras has more than 20 years of manufacturing industry experience as an investment professional, plant engineer, and consultant in the public and private sectors.

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Machine Shop Robots Get Real

Ten years ago, many of the tasks in a high-precision machine shop could be done by easily hirable shop floor employees.  Not anymore.  Today every shop owner has to deal with the increasingly frustrating task of recruiting qualified workers. To read the full article, click here. If it prompts some follow-up questions on how …

automation assembly

Automation Is Coming to Your Machine Shop. Are You Ready?

The FOCUS Advanced Manufacturing team recently returned from our trip to the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago. Our main takeaway from the gathering can probably be summed up in one word—Automation.

When you think of automation, you usually think of large manufacturing plants, like an automobile assembly plant, with hundreds of robotic arms installing …

Graphic: Industry 4.0 = Smart Industry + Automation + Big Data + User Interface + Flexibility

Is Industry 4.0 the New Dotcom Boom?

Like the internet before it, the automation boom is gaining steam as costs come down and the technologies become more approachable for the average business. Here are just a few of the rapidly advancing technologies that have primed the coming explosion in automation.