Business Services

Well-run businesses know that outsourcing non-core functions to other service providers empowers them to focus, grow and excel in their own marketplace, by leveraging the expertise of others who excel at what they do.

FOCUS brings deep experience and a track record of success in several of these B2B service sectors, including Information and Document Management; and Infrastructure Services.  Since 1982, FOCUS Investment Banking has been providing advisory services to entrepreneurs, owners, and investors in the Business Services sector. Contact us to learn more about the process we have used to close business services deals in the last few decade.

Our team works across multiple sectors:

Professional Service Companies

  • Accounting, valuation and financial firms
  • Strategy, research and operational improvement consulting firms
  • Dispute resolution, expert witness and e-discovery firms
  • Professional engineering firms
  • Diversified support services

Infrastructure Services Companies

  • Utility engineering, mapping, surveying, and locating services
  • Facility services
  • Testing and inspection services
  • Environmental services
  • General management services
  • Security and alarm services


Our practice concentrates on providing investment banking services to middle market clients:

  • Sell-Side Engagements – assisting owners looking to exit/sell their business

  • Buy-Side Engagements – helping companies grow through acquisition programs

  • Capital Formation – aiding companies in raising capital for growth or recapitalization


  • Industry Expertise – With backgrounds that include C-level operating experience, our bankers engage clients as peers understanding technical and operational nuances of our clients’ businesses as well as the M&A process

  • Experienced Bankers lead and execute every deal start to finish, giving our clients the advantage of continuity and experience

  • Process-driven Outcomes – Supported by strong in-house research, our M&A process has a proven track record

Business Services Team