Supply Chain Management Investment Banking

Middle-market investment banking

Efficient and secure supply chains are critical to the movement of goods around the globe touching industries ranging from aerospace to food to pharmaceuticals. Physical assets such as warehouses, trucks, planes, ships, and rail cars are essential underpinnings to supply chains. However, technology continues to play an increasingly important role throughout well-functioning supply chains enabling many of the current trends in distribution and logistics.

The combination of global economic growth, changing business models and enabling technologies is transforming supply chains with new entrants and products.  Supply chain merger and acquisition opportunities are expanding and range from trucking company consolidation and third-party logistics (3PL) rollups to last mile solution consolidation and technology advancement.  The need for scale, location, and productivity drive M&A activity.

Our Supply Chain experience includes:

  • 3PL/4PL
  • Cold chain/food distribution/refrigeration
  • Last mile/local delivery and fulfillment
  • Supply chain collaboration, IT/software, enterprise integration
  • Distributors – stocking/value-added
  • Track/Trace – GPS, RFID, telematics, IOT
  • Fleet management systems
  • Freight brokerage
  • Trucking

Our practice concentrates on providing investment banking services to middle market clients:

  • Sell-Side Engagements– assisting owners looking to exit/sell their business
  • Buy-Side Engagements– helping companies grow through acquisition programs
  • Capital Formation– aiding companies in raising capital for growth or recapitalization


  • Industry Expertise – With backgrounds that include C-level operating experience, our bankers engage clients as peers understanding technical and operational nuances of our clients’ businesses as well as the M&A process
  • Experienced Bankers lead and execute every deal start to finish, giving our clients the advantage of continuity and experience
  • Process-driven Outcomes – Supported by strong in-house research, our M&A process has a proven track record —130+ closed deals in the last 10 years


Photo: Eric Oganesoff

Eric Oganesoff

Managing Director and Supply Chain Team Leader

Photo: Barry Calogero

Barry Calogero

Managing Director

Photo: John Grady

John Grady

Managing Director

Photo: Marco Chan

Marco Chan

Senior Advisor