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Douglas E. Rodgers

Chief Executive Officer, FOCUS Investment Banking LLC

FOCUS on Successful Cross-Border M&A!

FOCUS Investment Banking is honored to host the 29th M&A Worldwide Rainmaker MIAMI Summit at The Palms Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida on November 15-16, 2018. This is a first for us—we’re busy preparing—and looking forward to a unique event that’s both dynamic and profitable. M&A Worldwide, a global network of M&A advisory firms from 45 countries, is comprised of high-quality advisory firms with proven skills and track records in both domestic and cross-border M&A transactions.
Q1 on Fire

Solid Q1 Sets Stage for Sizzling 2018

Coming off a remarkable year when FOCUS closed an unprecedented 23 deals—up an amazing 64 percent—we’re confident 2018 is likely to set new records, too. First quarter data is in, demonstrating that dealmakers continue to see plenty of reasons for optimism for the remaining three quarters.

“Business Carries the Economy” was The Wall Street Journal’s …

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Why Tax Reform May Lift Middle Market M&A to New Heights in 2018!

It’s just possible the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is poised to have an even greater impact than U.S. legislators initially envisioned. In addition to spurring job growth and driving wages higher, the new tax code has provisions that potentially will not only boost middle market investment, but also jump start deal making across …

FOCUS on Success in 2018

FOCUS on Success in 2018

In 2017, FOCUS delivered remarkable results as detailed in the new FOCUS report, “Breaking Records & Building Volume,” published in early January. Now—for myriad solid reasons—we’re confident U.S. M&A again will deliver robust, even record-breaking results in 2018.

The M&A outlook for 2018 is positive, and a new survey, “Market Spotlight: 2018 Outlook,” released by …

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BREAKING RECORDS & BUILDING VOLUME – Celebrating Robust Growth in 2017!

In 2017, FOCUS closed deals leaped forward by a whopping 64 percent, and, frankly, I’m thrilled and extremely proud of our achievement!

Twenty-three closed deals demonstrate the solid expertise of FOCUS both in the spectrum of sectors engaged as well as in the variety of strategic services successfully deployed.

Looking ahead to a prosperous 2018, …

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Mid-Year M&A 2017: Remarkably Resilient

Mostly, the news is excellent. Stock market indexes are reaching record highs, corporate earnings are trending upward, global markets remain strong, and an active M&A market continues.

The U.S. economy is outpacing most other developed markets, remaining remarkably resilient and positive in reaction to a variety of political outlooks, policy agendas, and geopolitical fears. From …

2016 Year in Review

EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS! Looking Back and Leaping Forward

Looking back, it was a very good year.

In 2016, 14 closed deals demonstrate the solid expertise of FOCUS both in the spectrum of sectors engaged as well as in the variety of strategic services successfully deployed.

In 2017, we anticipate a climate rich in M&A deal-making opportunities. According to Mergers & Acquisitions, “For companies …

M&A Worldwide

FOCUS Attends M&A Worldwide Convention in Delhi

In the December 2016 FOCUS Newsletter, I described the collaboration between FOCUS and Aeternus Corporate Finance, and the resulting opportunities we have uncovered to pursue business together in industries that span our borders.

As you may recall, Aeternus Corporate Finance is an independent investment bank providing M&A and corporate finance advisory services to mid-sized companies …

An International Collaboration: FOCUS and Aeternus Succeed Together

FOCUS Investment Banking is part of M&A Worldwide (MAWW), an established international association of 37 M&A boutiques working together to facilitate cross-border activities such as mergers, acquisitions, corporate finance projects, and consulting. FOCUS has been a part of this network since 2005 and has completed 31 cross-border projects with its partners in this network. One of the partners with which FOCUS has worked closely is Aeternus Corporate Finance. Headquartered right outside of Amsterdam in Venlo, the Netherlands, Aeternus is an independent investment bank, like FOCUS, that provides M&A and corporate finance advisory services to mid-sized companies in the Netherlands and throughout Europe.