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John W. Grady

John W. Grady, a FOCUS Managing Director located in Austin, Texas, has executive and operating experience in consumer goods, pet/animal goods, hospitals/medical practices, franchises, computer hardware, enterprise software, telecoms, outsourced sales services, digital marketing, sales and marketing management, and agencies. He serves FOCUS clients across many industries with merger and acquisition opportunities, with a special focus within Texas.

Business Services 2022 M&A Report

Business Services middle market mergers & acquisitions slowed in 2022, at least compared to 2021's record and probably unrepeatable volume.

Where to focus time and money in preparing a company for sale: Part 1

You have spent years building your company. Time, energy and money, all in significant amounts have been put into the effort. Now you are starting to decide what to do going forward. There are generally three possible paths here and only you can decide which is right for you.