Decoding the Value of D2C – Why Direct-to-Consumer Businesses Are Fetching Top Dollar

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Business owners and M&A advisors need to look at how the impact of new entrants or new combinations may change valuations in the future. Analyzing the values of larger public and private companies in the marketplace gives both sides a relative sense for how smaller business might be valued. This blog addresses different circumstances to illustrate this point.

What is the “process” for buying/selling a business? – Part 3: Find your target


Buying a company or selling a company is a major undertaking for all involved, including owners, shareholders, management, employees, and all other stakeholders. It is intense, time-consuming and can be costly if not done well. This blog continues to discuss the process of finding a target.

Accelerating the Path to Managed Cybersecurity with M&A

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Developing a robust managed security offering is a natural way for an MSP to grow. In addition to being a differentiator and one-stop shop for both support and security in the eyes of customers and prospective clients alike, tapping into the managed security market provides access to new, fast-growing revenue streams.

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