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Building a Moat: Part II

In Part I of this series we talked about what it means to have a “moat” around a business – and what that looks like from the perspective of those on the outside: customers, competitors, vendors, partners and even acquirers. Using a couple of industry examples, we highlighted how companies have improved their position in …

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FOCUS Managing Director Michael McGregor Releases a New Edition of his Book, Buy, Build, Fix, Sell

Washington, DC, (February 13, 2023) – FOCUS Investment Banking (“FOCUS”),  a leading national middle market investment banking firm providing M&A services, is pleased to announce that Michael McGregor, Managing Director, has released the second edition of his book, Buy, Build, Fix, Sell. The new edition, written to help tire & service dealers build better businesses, …

White Paper: M&A Trends in the Booming Pet Industry

The global pet industry has grown dramatically in recent years, despite the downturn in the world economy, driven by increased adoption rates, humanization trends among owners, and e-commerce penetration. The industry has proven to be largely recession-resistant while underlying trends support continued growth in the future, regardless of overall economic conditions.