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FOCUS Telecom Technology Quarterly: Fall 2023 Report

The FOCUS Telecom Technology Index (TTI) jumped up 9.7% in the most recent three months. This outperformed both the 7.8% gain in the S&P 500 and the 8.5% gain in the NASDAQ. However, the situation is reversed for the 12-month period as the 11.9% gain in the TTI lagged the 14.0% gain in the S&P 500 and the 18.8% gain in the NASDAQ. Sector multiples trended higher compared to this time last year, but only by a relatively small margin. The TTI’s revenue multiple increased from 2.4x a year ago to 2.5x currently, while the EBITDA multiple went from 13.1x to 13.7x over the same time period.

Business Services 2Q 2023 M&A Report

2Q 2023 M&A Report: The M&A landscape in the business services space has seen significant activity and notable transactions in recent times. One prominent trend has been the increased focus on technology-driven solutions and digital transformation. Companies in the business services sector are actively seeking to acquire or partner with technology-enabled firms to enhance their …

Food & Beverage 2Q 2023 Report

While the M&A environment remains challenging for companies across industries, the Food and Beverage sector is marked by its resilience and appetite for growth opportunities. The F&B space continues to grapple with impacts from increasing costs, market uncertainty, and rising interest rates, yet M&A activity persists and significant deals have closed in recent months. Read …

FOCUS Telecom U.S. Communications Service Provider Quarterly: Summer 2023 Report

The FOCUS Communications Service Provider Index (CSPI) snapped its streak of positive returns as the sector dropped 3.6% in our summer reporting period. This was despite a strong overall market backdrop that propelled the S&P 500 up 8.3% and the NASDAQ up 12.8% over the corresponding time period. The CSPI also compares unfavorably to the broader indices over the full year time frame. The sector is down 18.7% compared to this time last year, while the S&P 500 and NASDAQ are up 17.6% and 25.0%, respectively. Multiples ended the period at 2.3x revenue (down from 2.5x a year ago) and 6.4x EBITDA (down from 6.8x a year ago).
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FOCUS Telecom Business Services Quarterly: Summer 2023 Report

While its momentum slowed somewhat from our Spring report, the FOCUS Telecom Business Services Index (TBSI) still delivered a positive return with a three-month gain of 2.9%. This lagged the returns of the broader indices as the S&P 500 gained 8.3% and the NASDAQ gained 12.8% over the corresponding time period. Sector multiples are also higher compared to the year-ago period. The sector revenue multiple went from 0.9x to 1.0x, while the sector EBITDA multiple increased from 9.9x to 11.4x.
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FOCUS Enterprise-Focused Telecom Technology Quarterly: Spring 2023 Report

Public Markets

After suffering a decline in our winter report, the FOCUS Enterprise-Focused Telecom Technology Index (EFTTI) bounced back this period to deliver a solid three-month gain of 1.5%. This was essentially in-line with the 2.3% gain in the S&P 500, but underperformed the 5.5% gain in the NASDAQ. The EFTTI still remains steeply down …

Business Services 1Q 2023 M&A Report

Inflation, rising interest rates and global economic uncertainty are the main themes for 2023 so far. Yet M&A deal activity in the middle market remains fairly steady as investors have plenty of capital to invest and continue to concentrate on quality assets.