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FOCUS on Success in 2018

FOCUS on Success in 2018

In 2017, FOCUS delivered remarkable results as detailed in the new FOCUS report, “Breaking Records & Building Volume,” published in early January. Now—for myriad solid reasons—we’re confident U.S. M&A again will deliver robust, even record-breaking results in 2018.

The M&A outlook for 2018 is positive, and a new survey, “Market Spotlight: 2018 Outlook,” released by …

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Breaking Records & Building Volume – Celebrating Robust Growth in 2017!

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In 2017, FOCUS closed deals leaped forward by a whopping 64 percent, and, frankly, I’m thrilled and extremely proud of our achievement!

Twenty-three closed deals demonstrate the solid expertise of FOCUS both in the spectrum of sectors engaged as well as in the variety of strategic services success- fully deployed.

Looking …

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NEW RULES—Part II: How Distribution is Changing Who Gets What and How They Get It*

We are entering the distributive era—as well as an evolving phase for the international economy. According to an October 2017 McKinsey Quarterly report. “A new era brings new rules and realities… what will be the economic and social realities of this new era where distribution is paramount?” What can we reasonably expect?

In this new …

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Best First Half M&A in 10 Years!

Middle market momentum continues! Thomson Reuters reports 5,260 middle-market deals were completed during the period, representing a 12 percent increase over the first six months of 2016. Plus, it marks the strongest first six months of the year since pre-recession 2007.

“Activity was fueled by: confidence in the overall economy, including a widely-held expectation of lower taxes and fewer regulations in the future; underlying conditions favorable to M&A…

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Mid-Year M&A 2017: Remarkably Resilient

Mostly, the news is excellent. Stock market indexes are reaching record highs, corporate earnings are trending upward, global markets remain strong, and an active M&A market continues.

The U.S. economy is outpacing most other developed markets, remaining remarkably resilient and positive in reaction to a variety of political outlooks, policy agendas, and geopolitical fears. From …

Graphic: Industry 4.0 = Smart Industry + Automation + Big Data + User Interface + Flexibility

Is Industry 4.0 the New Dotcom Boom?

Like the internet before it, the automation boom is gaining steam as costs come down and the technologies become more approachable for the average business. Here are just a few of the rapidly advancing technologies that have primed the coming explosion in automation.
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Six Sure-Fire Strategies for Acquisition

While every deal is characterized by its own strategic logic, most successful deals have specific, well-articulated value creation concepts from the very beginning—while the strategic rationales of less successful deals can be vague. According to a May 2017 report by McKinsey & Company, the strategic rationale for an acquisition that creates value (providing the buyer did not overpay) typically conforms to at least one of these six scenarios:
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Four Keys to US M&A Success in 2017

Following a slow start at the beginning of 2016, the US M&A market demonstrated its resilience. Uncertainty around some high-profile broken deals, the UK’s Brexit vote, and the US Presidential election has washed out of the market and the outlook for 2017 is positive. These four broad factors are likely to set the tone for M&A activity in 2017. While dealmaking ended 2016 on a high note, to continue, certain key factors need to be in place, according to a new report, “Building Momentum: US M&A,”
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2017 Market Outlook: Calls Heads or Tailwinds as Markets Swing on Policy Shifts*

The Economy Resuscitates, Stocks Gain, Rates Rise, Inflation Grows -- Heightened Volatility and Potential for Big Market Swings Likely

In 2017, there is cautious optimism for accelerating U.S. and global economic growth, improving corporate fundamentals, modest stock gains, and higher yields on expectations of fiscal stimulus and regulatory policy easing. Full-on optimism is tempered by the rippling effects of rising inflation, a stronger dollar, weak credit markets, uncertain commodity pricing, and game-changing political events that raise the potential for big market swings.