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Jim Sowers

Jim Sowers, a FOCUS Managing Director located in Richmond, Virginia, has over 30 years of experience in investment banking and corporate finance. He specializes in the Food & Beverage, Government & Defense, and Business Services industries.

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Trends and Takeaways from the 2023 Summer Fancy Food Show

Healthy snacks with a twist, flavors from all corners of the world, and the merging of luxury and convenience were all on the menu at the Summer Fancy Food Show. As one of the largest specialty food industry events in North America, the event showcased thousands of new products from global and domestic companies aiming …

Food & Beverage 2Q 2023 Report

While the M&A environment remains challenging for companies across industries, the Food and Beverage sector is marked by its resilience and appetite for growth opportunities. The F&B space continues to grapple with impacts from increasing costs, market uncertainty, and rising interest rates, yet M&A activity persists and significant deals have closed in recent months. Read …

Food & Beverage 1Q 2023 Report

The 1Q 2023 report explores current market trends and themes within the industry, including insights on deal activity, valuation multiples, and notable transactions.

Building a Moat: Part II

In Part I of this series we talked about what it means to have a “moat” around a business – and what that looks like from the perspective of those on the outside: customers, competitors, vendors, partners and even acquirers. Using a couple of industry examples, we highlighted how companies have improved their position in …

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Wage Inflation: When will it get better?

As we all know, the United States is experiencing the highest inflation in 40 years. There are many causes, including disruptions to supply chains, increased demand for durable goods, pandemic assistance programs, and the war in Ukraine. Except for the war, many of these causes are receding and returning to normal, which has led to …