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Download the FOCUS white paper “The Future of Community Banking”

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Recently, First Virginia Community Bank announced the acquisition of 1st Commonwealth Bank, a small de novo bank started in 2009. The transaction is pending regulatory approval and will be treated as stock-for-stock with value to book at about 97 percent.

Why is this typical of the future?

Over the next three to five years, this …

The Economic Environment for Middle Market Mergers & Acquisitions 2010 to 2012 — Six Industries to Watch

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In 2010, global M&A activity increased for the first year since 2007. According to Mergermarket, the 2010 economic environment led to a worldwide increase in M&A transactions by 14 percent with the value of these transactions increasing 20 percent over 2009. For the same period, U.S. M&A transactions total value increased by 10 percent.

Additionally, …

Positive Indicators Point to an Upbeat 2010 M&A Middle Market Forecast

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Despite an unprecedented worldwide economic meltdown, FOCUS’ middle market merger, acquisition, divestiture and corporate finance business remained active in 2009. On average, the firm served over 40 clients in any given month, and closed 12 transactions during the year.

At the beginning of a new year, it is useful to look back and assess what …

Your Corporate Development Strategy: Five Questions to Ask When Selecting an Investment Banking Partner

white paper cover reading "Your corporate development business strategy: five questions to ask when selecting an investment banking partner"

Most corporate executives fully understand the “strategic planning” process that projects the enterprise’s corporate objectives and initiatives over a five to seven year period. Many corporate management teams employ a strategic planning firm to facilitate the planning process which levels the playing field and results in the most objective and targeted strategic plan.

Corporate owners …