Download the Precision Agriculture: M&A, Investment, and Start-ups on the Rise: Special Market Report | Winter 2014

As farmers are increasingly under pressure to squeeze out profits and comply with burdensome regulations, they search relentlessly for operational efficiencies. To satisfy this escalating demand, established agriculture and technology companies and a host of startups are bringing innovative products and services to the agriculture arena, focused on helping farmers close that gap.

This emerging industry called precision agriculture is thought by many to be the biggest technological change in agriculture since the introduction of hydraulics in the 1940’s… The backbone technology used in precision agriculture is GPS-enhanced guidance and mapping capabilities… There are three primary emerging trends driving the increase in growth forecasts, investments, M&A activity, and participants in the precision agriculture market…

Download it here:  FOCUS Precision Agriculture - M&A, Investment, and Start-ups on the Rise - Special Market Report | Winter 2014