Potential Buyers Expect EBITDA to be at Least 10% of Sales

Last month we looked at several important considerations that matter to strategic and financial buyers when looking for an acquisition of a multi-unit tire and service retailer. They were revenue size, geography, the stores themselves, area demographics, and growth trajectory and future prospects.

Sophisticated buyers want to know everything about your business before acquiring it …

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Maps of the Regional and Super Regional MSOs

The FOCUS Automotive and FenderBender article “Rise of the Regional and Super Regional MSOs” published in FenderBender Magazine in Sept 2018 examines the growth strategies of 15 market leading MSOs in the US, interviewing 3 of its top operators.
Digital Due Diligence

Digital Due Diligence—The Secret to Success?

Today, we’re living in a “digital age” where every M&A transaction has many significant digital considerations and all companies have large, complex digital footprints. According to the Conference Board:

“A comprehensive digital due diligence assessment includes an examination of a company’s digital and social media assets, including websites, social platforms and online communities, systems and …

Understanding Private Equity Investments in the Tire and Service Business

With the recent combination of private equity-owned Mavis Tire Supply Corp. and Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers (Express Oil Change LLC), it’s a good time for tire dealers to understand how private equity plays the acquisition game differently than strategic acquirers like Monro Inc.

Private equity groups raise large amounts of money from institutions, …

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FOCUS Honored to Host 29th M&A Worldwide Rainmaker MIAMI Summit

On November 15-16, 2018, one of the largest worldwide, middle market M&A conferences is coming to The Palms in Miami Beach, proudly hosted by FOCUS. In a venue designed for positive personal interaction, Summit participants will network with more than 150 business executives and international investment bankers at a unique event that promises to be …

FOCUS on Successful Cross-Border M&A!

FOCUS Investment Banking is honored to host the 29th M&A Worldwide Rainmaker MIAMI Summit at The Palms Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida on November 15-16, 2018. This is a first for us—we’re busy preparing—and looking forward to a unique event that’s both dynamic and profitable. M&A Worldwide, a global network of M&A advisory firms from 45 countries, is comprised of high-quality advisory firms with proven skills and track records in both domestic and cross-border M&A transactions.
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Five Smart Steps in Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“Artificial intelligence is the future… From health care to transportation to national security, AI has the potential to improve lives. But it comes with fears about economic disruption and a brewing ‘AI arms race.’ Like any transformational change, it’s complicated. Perhaps the biggest AI myth is that we can be confident about its future effects,” according to the Washington Post.
Q1 on Fire

Solid Q1 Sets Stage for Sizzling 2018

Coming off a remarkable year when FOCUS closed an unprecedented 23 deals—up an amazing 64 percent—we’re confident 2018 is likely to set new records, too. First quarter data is in, demonstrating that dealmakers continue to see plenty of reasons for optimism for the remaining three quarters.

“Business Carries the Economy” was The Wall Street Journal’s …

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How Actual Intelligence is Transforming Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expanding and improving exponentially through ever more powerful parallel computing, more data, and deeper algorithms—to become an increasingly important facet of everyday life. But what exactly is AI and what does it mean for your business?

AI can be defined as any task performed by a program or machine that—if carried …

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Why Tax Reform May Lift Middle Market M&A to New Heights in 2018!

It’s just possible the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is poised to have an even greater impact than U.S. legislators initially envisioned. In addition to spurring job growth and driving wages higher, the new tax code has provisions that potentially will not only boost middle market investment, but also jump start deal making across …