Women’s Health – Q4 2021 Acquisition Activity and Outlook

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2021 was a Relatively Quiet Year for Women's Health Consolidation; Expect Increased Activity in 2022

The fourth quarter of 2021 delivered one reported Women's Health transaction, a quiet end to the year and an indication the specialty consolidation could be experiencing challenges to sustained growth as it moves into the Geographic Expansion phase. However, we expect a return to higher activity in 2022.

Women’s Health – Q3 2021 Acquisition Activity and Outlook

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As Predicted, Women’s Health Deal Activity Rebounds to a New High as Geographic Expansion Continues

The third quarter of 2021 delivered five reported Women's Health practice acquisitions, increasing to the highest level over the past year. In August, United Women's Healthcare, backed by Atlas Partners, announced the acquisition of Women's Health USA, creating the largest women's health practice management company in the country.

Women’s Health Report – Q1 2021 Acquisition Activity and Outlook

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Q1 Women’s Health Deals with Private Equity Remain Steady. Investor Activity Indicators Suggest Growth Through 2021.

The first quarter of 2021 delivered three reported Women's Health practice acquisitions. Notably, Shore Capital Partners announced the formation of Together Women's Health, a leading network of integrated women’s healthcare providers with founding practices in greater Detroit.
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