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Giorgio Andonian

Giorgio Andonian, a FOCUS Managing Director, has over 15 years of operational experience alongside his sell-side and buy-side experience in the automotive and e-commerce industries.

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Automotive Aftermarket 2Q 2023 Report

There were a lot of obstacles to deal flow in the 1st half of 2023 that we only now have clarity on now that the 2nd Quarter of 2023 is over. The economy was thought to be headed into a recession led by the Fed’s efforts to tame inflation by steadily raising interest rates. And …

Exploring Parts & Accessories: New Trends and Growth Opportunities

In the ever-evolving automotive industry, the market for parts and accessories is constantly adapting to meet the changing demands of consumers. As we move further into 2023, it is crucial for businesses and investors to stay informed about the current outlook for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in this sector. In this newsletter, we will explore …

TBC’s Strategic Shift: Embracing Franchising for Growth

In another significant move in the automotive aftermarket, TBC announced its decision to sell off assets to Mavis Discount Tire and shift its focus towards franchising, wholesaling and distribution. TBC is looking to capitalize on its strengths and streamline operations by partnering with franchisees; a move that is seen as a strategic decision to focus …

Automotive Aftermarket 1Q 2023 Report

The Q1 Automotive Aftermarket report provides commentary by sector within the industry, a case study to illustrate the ROI provided a tire specialist and repair center, relevant industry articles, podcast, blogs, past transactions and current deals in the market.


Understanding Valuation Trends in Today’s Auto Aftermarket

Valuations are a key element in any M&A transaction. When it comes to valuing auto aftermarket companies, there are many different factors that can influence a company’s worth—and not simply its profitability. Perhaps even more important these days is what part of the business you are in—tires & service, parts & accessories, retail or wholesale …