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Artificial Intelligence: A Must for Small Businesses

Artificial Intelligence (also known as AI). Whether you’ve used Apple’s Siri, Google’s Translator or just those friendly customer service chat boxes when shopping online, it seems that AI is everywhere.

Business Services 2Q 2023 M&A Report

2Q 2023 M&A Report: The M&A landscape in the business services space has seen significant activity and notable transactions in recent times. One prominent trend has been the increased focus on technology-driven solutions and digital transformation. Companies in the business services sector are actively seeking to acquire or partner with technology-enabled firms to enhance their …

Business Services 1Q 2023 M&A Report

Inflation, rising interest rates and global economic uncertainty are the main themes for 2023 so far. Yet M&A deal activity in the middle market remains fairly steady as investors have plenty of capital to invest and continue to concentrate on quality assets.