About Mike LeVasseur

Mike LeVasseur is deeply rooted in the Automotive Collision Repair Industry for the past 44 years and counting.  As a Junior in high school, he was introduced to the collision industry in 1976, graduating from Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology.

Selling Your Collision Repair Business? Calm the Fears of Employees Worried About Their Future.

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When the owner of a collision repair business is interested in selling their company, questions related to employees often come up. When do I tell my employees about the sale? How do I deal with rumors? How do I alleviate their fears about what the sale means regarding their job security, seniority or other changes?

Don’t Fear Private Equity: Misperceptions Overlook Positive Impact

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Over the course of my career, I’ve been involved in a lot of different roles, from technician to general manager, to owner and operator of multiple shops, then as a seller when our company was acquired by a large consolidator in 2015, and as a representative and consultant assisting with both sales and acquisitions of collision repair businesses.

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