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Eric M. Oganesoff, a FOCUS Managing Director, who has conducted over forty M&A, debt and capital raise transactions with an aggregate value of over $300 million and has served as the CEO or President of several companies. Mr. Oganesoff has over twenty years of senior executive level experience in leading businesses ranging from wireless solutions, software and RFID services to manufacturing, industrial products, energy and environmental products and government contracting. Mr. Oganesoff is also a member of the FOCUS’s Government, Aerospace and Defense Group.

Supply Chain Technology and Logistics Index – Second Half 2022

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In our Second Half 2022 report we discuss some of the major trends we are seeing in the market, and report on the M&A activity in the overall Supply Chain market. As before, we focus our public company analysis on the Supply Chain Technology and Supply Chain Logistics companies featuring key participants in each sector. Also, included is the list of 283 North American Supply Chain M&A transactions that have taken place since mid-2022.

Precision Ag 2.0: Investments, M&A and New Technologies on the Rise

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Established agriculture and technology companies are bringing innovative products and services to the agriculture arena--this emerging industry is called precision agriculture. This expanded edition of this Special Market Report includes the following: Introduction; Advanced Technologies, Sustainability - Driving Investments and New Sebsections, Public Companies, Private Company Key Players, and Partnerships.

Supply chain M&A is hot, hot, hot!

2024-01-22T11:01:08+00:00Blogs, Supply Chain|

Amid global challenges and confronting new and unexpected conditions, the increasingly mission-critical supply chain industry is hot. Savvy players are investing in new capabilities across manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and logistics, seeking competitive advantages and more market share. The materials handling industry need look no further than the relatively recent acquisitions of Dematic and Egemin by Kion or Toyota’s acquisitions of Bastian and Vanderlande.

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