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Eric M. Oganesoff

Supply chain M&A is hot, hot, hot!

Amid global challenges and confronting new and unexpected conditions, the increasingly mission-critical supply chain industry is hot. Savvy players are investing in new capabilities across manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and logistics, seeking competitive advantages and more market share. The materials handling industry need look no further than the relatively recent acquisitions of Dematic and Egemin by Kion or Toyota’s acquisitions of Bastian and Vanderlande.
A graph with countless data touch points

FOCUS Investment Banking Big Data White Paper

Big Data is a phenomenon resulting from the vast amount of data created by individuals, machines, corporations, and government, driven by technology trends that include social media (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Four Square, You-Tube, etc.), wireless technologies, enterprise applications, mobile devices, and sensors (GPS, RFID, medical devices, smart grid, manufacturing processes, etc.), most of which are …