10 Brand Architecture Strategies After M&A

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Branding strategies impact how a new acquisition or merger is accepted in the marketplace. A May 31, 2017 blog in Divestopedia states: “Choices around brand strategy or brand architecture on the heels of a merger or an acquisition send signals to key stakeholders. These decisions express to employees, investors, customers, and the market where the entity is headed, what’s changing, what’s staying the same, etc. Making the right brand strategy decisions is critical to activate the full potential of the merger or acquisition.

Here’s What It Takes for Your Company’s Culture to Survive an Acquisition

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Integrating two companies' cultures takes forethought, a solid plan, and time, according to the September 13, 2016 issue of Fast Company. The article states: “Your company's culture is what defines it. Small startup or large corporation, it's the set of values and attitudes that bind your employees together. So what happens to that identity when another company buys you out?

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