“Automation, digital platforms, and other innovations are changing the fundamental nature of work. Understanding these shifts can help policy makers, business leaders, and workers move forward,” according to a briefing by the McKinsey Global Institute.

“The development of automation enabled by technologies including robotics and artificial intelligence brings the promise of higher productivity (and with productivity, economic growth), increased efficiencies, safety, and convenience. But these technologies also raise difficult questions about the broader impact of automation on jobs, skills, wages, and the nature of work itself…

“For policy makers, business leaders, and workers themselves, these shifts create considerable uncertainty, alongside the potential benefits.” The article closes with a detailed examination of “How to positively affect the future of work: Solution spaces.”

To read the full article, go to: https://www.mckinsey.com/featured-insights/employment-and-growth/technology-jobs-and-the-future-of-work