ESOP from an Adopter’s View

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It is very likely that you have been approached by advisors over the years suggesting you consider selling your business to an ESOP, an employee stock ownership plan. Interestingly enough, FOCUS recently adopted an ESOP in December 2018 to execute our own long-term transition plans, and we thought our perspective on this ownership structure (as both an advisor and recent adoptee) might be helpful to you.

Is Now the Right Time to Consider an ESOP?

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FOCUS adopted an ESOP, an employee stock ownership plan, form of corporate structure late last year. We decided to implement an ESOP as it afforded our partners an opportunity to redeem their capital accounts, but kept our existing organization intact without any changes to our culture, organization, benefit plans or management team. In effect, the ESOP allowed us to maintain our business model and procedures exactly the same as prior to the transaction. In so doing, FOCUS joined nearly 7,000 other companies who have made the decision to establish an ESOP.

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