Investors will be ready to do deals with midmarket tech companies

On Jan. 18, Kodachrome officially died. This happened when Dwayne’s Photo, the last developer of the once popular mass-marketed color film manufactured by Eastman-Kodak Co., ceased processing Kodachrome film. That is but on example of a once-booming industry that simply ran its course. Be it buggy whips, typewriters or VCRs, this is simply a case… Read more »

Mezzanine Debt—A Source Of Secondary Capital In An Improving Economy

Often an improving economy and renewed growth put more stress on corporate balance sheets than the recession itself. During a business decline, liquidity is generated through the impact of lower sales which leads to lower receivables outstanding, and a net generation of cash (after some lag). Similarly, as inventories are worked off, the need for… Read more »

Where to Go When the Bank Says No

(The characters in this story are fictional, but unfortunately, the experience described below is all too real.) For more than twenty years, Al Rodriguez lived the American Dream. Recently, his dream became a nightmare. Al and his family had immigrated as political refugees to the United States from Nicaragua in the early 1980’s following the… Read more »

All About AIM: London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market

London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM) has been around since 1995, but until a couple of years ago virtually was unknown in the US. Now, AIM is beginning to attract serious attention from US companies, with a record number of American firms considering as an alternative the AIM market as a means of raising… Read more »

Your Corporate Development Strategy: Five Questions to Ask When Selecting an Investment Banking Partner

Most corporate executives fully understand the “strategic planning” process that projects the enterprise’s corporate objectives and initiatives over a five to seven year period. Many corporate management teams employ a strategic planning firm to facilitate the planning process which levels the playing field and results in the most objective and targeted strategic plan. Corporate owners… Read more »

“AIM” High: US Firms With Market Caps of $10-100 Million Can Benefit by Raising Capital in London

Virtually unknown in the US until a couple of years ago, the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), the junior market of the London Stock Exchange, is starting to attract serious attention from US companies looking to raise capital. As of year-end 2005, about 1,400 companies were listed on AIM. Of these, 220 were non-UK companies from… Read more »

Closing the Gap between Valuation and Proceeds: What Every Business Owner Needs to Know

By G. Stanley Cutter, Partner, FOCUS Enterprises, Inc. Many business owners mistakenly assume that they will receive the “value” of their firm in cash as proceeds during a sale. This expectation is further compounded if the business owner has received a formal valuation from a valuation professional. While any experienced M&A professional can cite numerous… Read more »

Keys to Successful Buy Side M&A Transactions

Many investment bankers believe that buy side M&A transactions are more diffi cult than those on the sell side and that such projects have a substantially lower probability of closing. Therefore, they avoid these engagements altogether. While their concern is warranted in many situations, it arises from problems that, while understandable, can be addressed and… Read more »