FOCUS on Successful Cross-Border M&A!

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FOCUS Investment Banking is honored to host the 29th M&A Worldwide Rainmaker MIAMI Summit at The Palms Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida on November 15-16, 2018. This is a first for us—we’re busy preparing—and looking forward to a unique event that’s both dynamic and profitable. M&A Worldwide, a global network of M&A advisory firms from 45 countries, is comprised of high-quality advisory firms with proven skills and track records in both domestic and cross-border M&A transactions.

Five Smart Steps in Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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“Artificial intelligence is the future… From health care to transportation to national security, AI has the potential to improve lives. But it comes with fears about economic disruption and a brewing ‘AI arms race.’ Like any transformational change, it’s complicated. Perhaps the biggest AI myth is that we can be confident about its future effects,” according to the Washington Post.

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