Closing the Gap between Valuation and Proceeds: What Every Business Owner Needs to Know

By G. Stanley Cutter, Partner, FOCUS Enterprises, Inc. Many business owners mistakenly assume that they will receive the “value” of their firm in cash as proceeds during a sale. This expectation is further compounded if the business owner has received a formal valuation from a valuation professional. While any experienced M&A professional can cite numerous… Read more »

Keys to Successful Buy Side M&A Transactions

Many investment bankers believe that buy side M&A transactions are more diffi cult than those on the sell side and that such projects have a substantially lower probability of closing. Therefore, they avoid these engagements altogether. While their concern is warranted in many situations, it arises from problems that, while understandable, can be addressed and… Read more »

Can You Hear Me Now? Really Listening to a Client

Read any “how to” manual on mergers and acquisitions and you’ll find checklist after checklist about how to prepare to buy a business, how to sell a business, how to value a business, how to do due diligence, how to get the best price, how to reduce the price, how to find fraud, how to put lipstick on a pig. Many intermediaries not only know the checklists cold but can recite them from memory, and probably have written three books full of checklists. But the most important checklist that every successful intermediary should know is the shortest.

Why It’s a Near Perfect Environment for Mid-Sized Companies to Sell

GOOD NEWS for owners of mid-sized companies who thought their window of opportunity to sell had closed for good–the combination of available, competitive debt and equity financing, an interested and large number of buyers and a seemingly resurgent economy is resulting in crowded auctions and higher prices.

Selling Your Company: Lessons Learned Along the Way

Ed Peters, keynote speaker at the June 22nd FOCUS Workshop, “MAXIMIZING WEALTH: Liquidity Strategies for Business Owners,” presented a fascinating personal account of how he sold DataDirect Technologies for $88 million. According to Washington Business Journal, ”After tackling a startup venture, then leaving the business for a time, Ed Peters returned with a bang to… Read more »

Keeping M&A Deals on Track: Managing the Killers

Deal killers. They come in all shapes, sizes and varieties with different reasons, justifications and rationalizations. They can emanate from the buyer, the seller or any number of third parties — lenders, investors, key customers or suppliers, professional advisors — or all of the above. In the article below, Andrew J. Sherman, Esq., presents a… Read more »

Plan for the Unexpected

For many, if not most entrepreneurs, life is hectic, demanding and fast paced. Indeed, for most executives, the inbox is always full, leaving very little time for personal matters such as estate planning. Yet, if the executive fails to take the time to plan for disability or death and luck runs against him, this same… Read more »

The Biggest Sale of His Life: How One Small Business Owner Persevered and Sold His Company

A privately held services company shouldn’t overlook the possibility of selling or merging with a larger player to obtain liquidity and maximize shareholder value.

Even in difficult economic times, it’s still possible to find precisely the right buyer for your company, according to George M. Shea, a FOCUS Partner, who shares an instructive sales experience in a new article, “The Biggest Sale of His Life: How One Small Business Owner Persevered and Sold His Company.”