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Full Speed Ahead for Middle Market M&A

A variety of new research reports conclude the fundamentals for healthy dealmaking remain firmly in place, and most believe the worst of the year is over. In fact, it appears U.S. M&A is normalizing and positive results for Q4 may be expected. Although the numbers for the first half of 2016 were the lowest since 2013, they actually are higher than any first half from 2008 through 2013. Why? Perhaps this is a signal the M&A boom of recent years remains alive and well, if a bit diminished.

The Verdict at Six Months: “Slow but Steady Sets the Pace”

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For the balance of 2016, three broad factors are likely to influence M&A activity: politics (no surprise there), tech deal traffic (good news there), and the continued abundance of available capital (money on the table).

A new study by the international law firm White & Case—Slow but Steady: US M&A H1 2016—concludes that despite a …

Mid-Year, Middle Market M&A May Be on Track to Deliver Rare Opportunities

Mid-Year, Middle Market M&A May Be on Track to Deliver Rare Opportunities

The current year is full of firsts. In addition to the rare strawberry moon marking 2016’s summer solstice, the “Brexit bounce” reverberating across U.S. markets, and unprecedented political uncertainty, an impressive number of authoritative sources envision a positive, active M&A market during the second half of the year.

“M&A will continue to thrive, despite the …

Five Steps to Crossborder Deal Success*

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The global economic outlook for 2016 and beyond is highly uncertain. With Q1 deal volume off to a slow start this year, it would seem the various economic and political headwinds have made investors wary about aggressively pursuing cross-border deals in the very short term. However, the general sentiment shows that support for inorganic growth …

Jonathan Wilfong on CEO Exclusive Radio

What Middle-Market CEOs Need to Know Now: Part 2

Q: What does it mean to be a “platform company?” Should a business owner aspire to be a platform company? WILFONG: First, a business owner needs to develop his company with a good management team, a good customer base, and all those things that comprise a successful company. At that point, the business owner is not really thinking about whether the company is going to be a platform for a portfolio and for add-ons.
Jonathan Wilfong on CEO Exclusive Radio

What Middle-Market CEOs Need to Know Now: Part 1

Q: In 2015, we heard a lot about how favorable the market was for acquisitions. What’s happening with deals in investment banking now? WILFONG: Indeed, 2015 was a very robust year for deals in the lower middle-market space which FOCUS defines as companies that do up to 250 million in revenue. This activity was driven by a couple of factors...
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What Will Drive Dealmaking in 2016?

As demonstrated by 2015 results, FOCUS believes US M&A is booming and also is likely to continue delivering record-breaking results into 2016. A new report, “US M&A H1 2015: Riding High,” released by MergerMarket, supports this conclusion:

“US M&A is on pace to post its best performance since 2007… The US economy is stable and …

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FOCUS: Consolidation in 4,000-outlet paint jobber industry echoes auto body trends

The heavy consolidation trend in the collision repair industry continues to be mirrored in the 4,000-outlet, $4 billion paint refinish distribution segment, a new FOCUS Investment Banking report notes. “There are multiple buyers, many willing sellers, cheap capital and attractive prices,” FOCUS Managing Director David Roberts wrote in a recent study.