Interview with Rick Thomas CEO and Chief Outdoor Enthusiast of FOCUS

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As a member of our automotive aftermarket team, Rick Thomas, FOCUS CEO, has led our firm’s expansion into overlanding by helping several companies raise capital by selling all or parts of their businesses. As an overlanding enthusiast himself, Rick identified overlanding as a growth category for our firm so internally we have branded him as our ‘COE - Chief Outdoor Enthusiast’. In a recent interview, Rick discusses his personal connection to overlanding and how FOCUS helps firms in the industry.

Private Equity’s Increasing Consolidation of Oncology Practices 

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On April 23 a group led by private equity firm TPG agreed to acquire OneOncology, the nation’s largest independent community oncology network, in a deal valued at $2.1 billion. AmerisourceBergen, the big drug wholesaler, is buying a minority stake in the firm; OneOncology’s affiliated practices, physicians, and management team will also retain a minority interest.

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