FOCUS Sale Preparation Advisory Services

As a leading provider of sell-side advisory services to middle market companies, FOCUS Investment Banking understands how to execute a successful transaction process and deliver maximum value for our clients. It is our mission to enable owners to achieve the best price and find the best partner/acquirer for the business they have built.

As part of that effort, we work hard to learn our clients’ businesses and the markets they serve. Sometimes owners are ready to transact – but their businesses may not be, and that lack of readiness can result in a reduction in value or a failed process.

FOCUS Sale Preparation (FSP) is a flexible, targeted program designed to clarify and remedy business shortcomings which we believe will impede a sale process or adversely affect the outcome. Our experienced FSP advisory staff, in close alignment with the transactional and industry expertise provided by our banking team, works with clients to identify key issues and execute on practical, measurable, high impact activities to make concrete improvements in reasonable time frames.

The FSP offering focuses all parties on achieving the objective: a successful transaction at maximum value.
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Jeb Connor

Managing Director and Team Leader, FOCUS Sale Preparation Advisory Services


The FSP offering is tailored to each client’s situation and circumstances, guided by the FSP IMPACT METHODOLOGY approach, led by a FOCUS executive advisor who has been in your shoes. Jeb previously was a CEO and has extensive operational and M&A exit experience. A time and results-focused, cross-disciplinary assessment and planning phase is followed by a solution execution phase. The FSP team is hands on with the client, keeping all parties focused on the highest impact activities to reach “transaction-ready” status. In addition to assistance with operational and strategic issues, the FSP team provides critical insights on how external market factors (tax policy, M&A activity levels) can impact value, and how acquirers view and value key attributes in an acquisition target.

FSP program activities often include:

  • Review and revision of strategic position, business plan, business model and execution efficacy
  • Clarification of execution improvement opportunity(ies)
  • Understanding and advising on tax implications for a sale
  • Clean up and organization of accounting, business records or financial models/projections
  • Formalizing/redefining contractual relationships
  • Improving financial performance
  • Balance sheet clean up
  • Building out key management team (reduce reliance on owner/operator)

FOCUS Sale Preparation program provides highly experienced operational and transaction professionals to actively assist companies in assessing, planning, and executing on the highest impact change(s) to rapidly ready them for achieving their exit goals.


FOCUS Investment Banking has a singular mission for its sell-side clients – to execute a successful transaction process and deliver maximum value. In pursuit of that objective, FOCUS’ banking teams leverage the FOCUS Sale Preparation Advisory team when it makes sense for the client. Clients know they are still on the path to transact, working collaboratively with an aligned team on a holistic and integrated route to achieve their goals.

FOCUS Banking and Sale Preparation Advisory teams are ideally suited to work together, because:

  • We have been in your shoes – Banking teams are led by Managing Directors and Senior Advisors with prior successful senior operational, ownership, and leadership roles in companies similar to yours. Likewise, our FSP consultants have worked inhouse and in advisory capacities across disciplines

  • We understand your industry – FOCUS brings superior middle-market industry-specific credentials

  • We are aligned in getting to a successful transaction

  • We have a team of highly qualified senior professionals – Every team at FOCUS is the A Team.

  • A track record of success

FOCUS Advisory Differentiators

A singular mission to assist great companies achieve the changes needed to ready them for a successful corporate development outcome.

Led by a “been in your shoes” FOCUS executive advisor with direct access to FOCUS Investment Banking resources and external network


  • Proven, disciplined, phased, methodology adaptively honed to each client situation
  • Collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach led by a FOCUS Executive Advisor
  • Elucidates the highest impact opportunity(ies) to affect the needed change(s) most rapidly
  • Minimizes burden on the client partner but requires committed participation sometimes augmented by necessary contracted expertise
  • A growing track record of successful outcomes across multiple market segments

Getting Started

Engagement Fit Analysis

  • Performed by a FSP Senior
  • Advisor with the CEO and/or Chairman as client-sponsor and primary contact
  • Access to meet and interview key Board members, investors, executives and leaders
  • Access to high-level financial data, org chart, typical customer presentation and proposal, most recent capital raise and/or M&A deck or PPM, current business plan and model, etc.
  • FSP recommendation
  • Go/No-go

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