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Stefan C. Nicholas, Esq.

Stefan C. Nicholas, a partner at McCullough & Nicholas P.L.C., can be reached at [email protected]. McCullough & Nicholas, P.L.C. specializes in estate planning and in structuring tax-deferral and asset protection strategies for high net worth individuals. In particular, the firm focuses on helping clients manage the impact that liquidity events have on their personal assets by emphasizing pre-event planning. Previously, Stefan assisted private equity investment funds, multinational corporations, banks and start-up companies in the United States and abroad in merger and acquisition and financing transactions in a variety of sectors, including the acquisition of the Washington Redskins.

Planning: A Necessity for Business Owners

Denial, procrastination and daily distractions all conspire to prevent business owners from completing the personal planning that is an absolutely vital component of a successful business. Business owners also need to plan for a liquidity event. If an owner becomes incapacitated, a plan must be in place that will allow the business to continue functioning …