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Michael J. McGregor

Managing Director
Michael McGregor advises and assists multi-location tire dealers on mergers and acquisitions in the automotive aftermarket.

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Automotive Aftermarket 2Q 2023 Report

There were a lot of obstacles to deal flow in the 1st half of 2023 that we only now have clarity on now that the 2nd Quarter of 2023 is over. The economy was thought to be headed into a recession led by the Fed’s efforts to tame inflation by steadily raising interest rates. And …

Why Membership Is Declining at Regional Tire Dealer Associations

The new edition of my book, “Buy, Build, Fix, Sell: Mergers & Acquisitions for Tire & Service Dealers,” is out and available for sale at Since it is uniquely written for the tire industry, I thought that I’d reach out to the regional tire dealer associations across the country to try and schedule some …

Automotive Aftermarket 1Q 2023 Report

The Q1 Automotive Aftermarket report provides commentary by sector within the industry, a case study to illustrate the ROI provided a tire specialist and repair center, relevant industry articles, podcast, blogs, past transactions and current deals in the market.


What’s With All These C-Corps?

There really is no good reason for most small, privately held tire dealers to be organized as C-corporations (C-corps) anymore.
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ESG In the Tire Industry Explained

Many politicians' only objective is winning the next election, so they say and do whatever it takes to win," says McGregor. "Brands can’t afford the bad press that politicians can.

Meet a Dealmaker: Sun Auto’s Garman Talks M&A Strategy

"I do think that values are leveling out and maybe even softening a bit and we might have hit a peak in valuations, at least for a little while," says Chris Garman, vice president of corporate development, Sun Auto Tire & Service Inc. "But the values are still really good and people are still able to retire based on what they’ve built."