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Michael J. McGregor

Managing Director
Michael McGregor advises and assists multi-location tire dealers on mergers and acquisitions in the automotive aftermarket.

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Anatomy of a Deal: Ramona Tire

Experience the process of preparing for a sale, identifying prospects, and getting the maximum return through real examples of how it happened.

Integrating Retail Into a Commercial Tire Business

As commercial tire dealers look to enhance their business values into the same stratosphere as retail tire dealers, some are looking at integrating the more profitable elements of retail business into their commercial operations. From a customer retention and profit perspective, this makes perfect sense.

FOCUS Investment Banking Buy-Side Process

Learn why tire dealers and automotive aftermarket operations use acquisitions to grow. Michael McGregor explains how FOCUS Bankers help clients make the critical decisions when seeking to expand by buying a business.

What’s Your Business Worth? It Depends

As compared with the public markets, the private capital markets are like the wild west. I liken it to a frontier town where there’s no sheriff, plenty of gunslingers and news travels slowly by stagecoach.