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Michael J. McGregor

Managing Director
Michael McGregor advises and assists multi-location tire dealers on mergers and acquisitions in the automotive aftermarket.

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Mobile Tire Service Can Be a Powerful Value-Add for Dealers

Michael McGregor breaks down the benefits he sees in mobile tire installation. He says the pioneers in the space seem to have a lot of mutual respect for each other and are sharing ideas as they build this industry segment. But they're also doing it their own way.
Photo: Joe Tomarchio

Meet the Dealmaker: Monro’s Joe Tomarchio

Monro's Joe Tomarchio says, "The one overwhelming thing I see is that tire dealers don't collect for the value of their service, their convenience and their trustworthiness. They just don't charge enough."

Decoding the Value of D2C – Why Direct-to-Consumer Businesses Are Fetching Top Dollar

Business owners and M&A advisors need to look at how the impact of new entrants or new combinations may change valuations in the future. Analyzing the values of larger public and private companies in the marketplace gives both sides a relative sense for how smaller business might be valued. This blog addresses different circumstances to illustrate this point.

Why Key Employee Retention Enhances Business Value

In a recent blog, Michael McGregor talks about how losing great employees can be detrimental to a business. In this video he further explains the importance of keeping high value employees productive and loyal to your business.

Why Key Employee Retention Enhances Business Value

Experienced, key people like that are worth their weight in gold and tire dealers need to do all they can to keep them. This blog addresses the importance of how retention of key employees enhances business value.