Jay Smith, President of Sales, Security7

Partnering with April Taylor and the MSP team was like having a formidable offensive line protecting me. April was an All-Star quarterback leading the rookie quarterback (me). FOCUS’ expert blocking and relentless pursuit of the best buyers paved the way for a touchdown sale, honoring the countless hours of hard work and dedication my partners, our people and I poured into Security7.

Carl Foster, Founder/President, Queen Consulting Group

The FOCUS team really knows their business, and they brought in multiple strong offers for us to consider. We really look forward to joining Talent Group—the best fit for us. George Shea and Bob Maiden walked us through the process every step of the way and highlighted our unique capabilities. We are thrilled with the result and wholeheartedly recommend FOCUS to any firm considering a sale.

Shannon Nill, Owner, Guaranty RV

We really appreciate the FOCUS team for assisting us with finding an excellent partner to carry on the Nill family legacy. They repeatedly demonstrated sound guidance and were great partners for the family.

Lance LeHew, Founder, Performance Collision

I chose the team at FOCUS due to their unmatched experience in leading successful collision repair transactions, deep industry knowledge, and strong relationships with potential acquirers.

William L. Bryan, CEO of Microconsult

I wanted to express my appreciation for the professional work that FOCUS Investment Banking performed for my company over two plus years. The number of hours, the total communication and rapid response time to questions regarding the buyout was phenomenal. I highly recommend FOCUS for any company that is preparing to sell a business.

Patrick Lowell, Sage CEO

FOCUS played a critical role in the process. Their expertise, commitment and professionalism is truly unparalleled. We appreciate their assistance in making the transaction with SIB Fixed Cost Reduction possible.

Willis Cantey, Founder/CEO Cantey Tech Consulting

Photo: Willis CanteyI hired FOCUS’ MSP Team on March 15, 2021.

17 days later I signed a letter of intent (LOI) with LNC Partners, who I found to be a fantastic cultural, strategic, geographic, and financial fit for our team after evaluating multiple investor groups.

We closed the transaction 3 months later and I am already actively working with FOCUS to find the right companies to join our growing Platform.

I cannot speak highly enough about FOCUS’ MSP Team. I will happily serve as a reference any time.

Joe Tripi, President at Micropulse West

This was the first time I’ve actually sold a business therefore it was vital to partner with a group of high integrity individuals that had our best interest in mind. The FOCUS team was honest and transparent right from the beginning. John Slater’s knowledge of our industry, along with his team of analysts, made the transition almost seamless. The process was thorough and well planned out – we moved from LOI to close in 60 days! I would highly recommend FOCUS Investment Banking for any transactions in the sectors they service.

John Wanglin, Alpine Investors

Eric YetterPhoto: John Wanglin, Alpine Investors and Andy Snyder were fantastic partners who quickly created actionable deal flow that met our scorecard, ultimately resulting in a closed deal.

Todd Petersen, CEO VitalSkin Dermatology

Photo: Todd Petersen, CEO VitalSkin DermatologyEric Yetter and Andy Snyder exceeded our expectations in identifying potential partners that fit our strategic vision. We will continue to leverage their advice and expertise!

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