Fiona Maxwell, Owner Concours Collision Centres LTD

Photo: Fiona Maxwell, Owner Concours Collision Centres LTDWhen we decided to put our business up for sale we had no experience in this area so we decided we needed an expert.  We wouldn’t sell our home without a realtor so it made sense to engage a business broker that specialized in our industry and to hire a team that had our best interests in mind.   After meeting with several investment bankers David Roberts and Rick Thomas at FOCUS were the obvious choice.  Rick was with us every step of the way, guiding us through the process to successful completion.  He negotiated on our behalf and talked us through the interesting turn of events that happened along the way.  If we were to sell another business, would we retain FOCUS again?  Definitely!

Victoria Snader, President and Philip Snader, Vice President, Enviro-Organic Technologies

Victoria Snader, President Enviro-Organic Technologies, Inc.Philip Snader, Vice President, Enviro-Organic Technologies, Inc.This transaction is a big win for Enviro-Organics. It allows us to further expand our services and to enter new markets, providing exciting growth opportunities for our company and employees.  We could not have accomplished this without the support of the FOCUS team, and Eric Oganesoff in particular.  Eric was available whenever we needed him and had the gift of anticipating and solving a situation before it ever became an issue.   The FOCUS team brought us the perfect partner and made certain that our transaction went smoothly every step of the way.

Dr. Vaikunth N. Gupta, Co-Founder and Partner, The Panum Group

The Panum Group, LLC is happy to receive an investment from Renovus Capital. They understand our business and crafted a transaction that worked for all parties involved. Also, FOCUS Investment Bankers’ guidance was crucial in consummating the transaction. They stood by our side every step of the way.

Bob D'Angelo, President and Co-Owner D'Angelos Automotive & Industrial Coatings

Photo: Bob D'AngeloUsing FOCUS was the key factor in D’Angelo’s successful sale.  Both the value and structure exceeded our expectations and our own internal capabilities for doing a deal.  Timing was really important too.  We think we chose to go out at an especially good time – both for our family and for the industry.

We have a very interesting combination of people in this business. When you spend 60 years building something with your family, everyone is a contributor but its also hard to get everyone on the same page. I think maybe the best thing Rick and Dave did was help us balance all the interests, get the right structure in place – and get us the right partner.  Undoubtedly, FOCUS was key to getting done – and done right.

John Frick, Chairman, AirVault

John Frick, Chairman, AirVaultThe strategic fit provided by this transaction is exceptional; our acquirer counts nearly every airline in the world in its customer base, which provides an exciting growth path for AirVault. The FOCUS team has been a valuable partner to us over the years, and we would not be celebrating this transaction without their help and guidance.

Bob Mallon, President and CEO, Robert W. Mallon Inc.

Bob Mallon, President and CEO, Robert W Mallon Inc.When I decided it was time to get bigger or merge with someone bigger, I talked with my friend Hecky Heckendorf.  He had just sold Painters Supply and used FOCUS as his banker. Basically, he told me what a terrific job FOCUS had done for him, and if I was serious I needed their kind of help.  That was about two years ago.  I met with Dave Roberts probably 3 or 4 times along with my CPA before I finally decided to move forward. We talked extensively about my goals, my financials, the market and my expectations.

Once I pulled the trigger things went pretty smoothly.  There was a huge amount of due diligence from multiple bidders.  We got multiple offers and FOCUS helped compare them, helped negotiate both value and structure and then got the deal closed.

In the end I got what I wanted – a great partner in Colours, Inc. and a future for my people.  I can’t say enough about Rick and Dave and the job they did.  I could never have managed this on my own.

Clint Tinker, Owner, Opti-Forms, Inc.

Clint Tinker, Owner, Opti-Forms“Opti-Forms is a world leader in electroformed optics, deep-dish optical coatings, and infrared imaging components, so when I decided to sell Opti-Forms I knew that I needed top notch investment bankers to help me navigate the sale process.  FOCUS was the firm I chose.

Brent Costello and Paul Richey, Managing Directors at FOCUS, were instrumental in the successful sale of Opti-Forms to BBd Affiliated LLC.  They conducted a thorough auction process that generated a number of interested suitors and guided the Opti-Forms management team throughout the entire process.  It was a complicated sale to orchestrate, and would not have come together without guidance from the FOCUS team.  Brent and Paul are highly professional, seasoned investment bankers that know the market well.  Their experience, tenacity and active management of the sale process led to a great result for Opti-Forms.

The FOCUS Team receives my highest endorsement.”

Walter Deacon, Boston Retail Partners, Principal

Walter Deacon, Boston Retail Partners, PrincipalThe FOCUS team has a methodical, structured transaction process that really worked for Boston Retail Partners. George and Manan walked us through the process every step of the way, and highlighted our unique cloud based service offerings.  We were fortunate enough to be presented with multiple qualified offers and are very pleased with the result and our new partner, EarthLink Holdings. We wholeheartedly recommend FOCUS to any IT firm considering a sale.

Daryl Flynn, CEO, Refinish Solutions

Photo: Daryl Flynn, CEO, Refinish Solutions“I engaged with FOCUS Investment Banking based on a friend’s referral and am glad I did. Within seven months of our initial contact with David Roberts, the transaction to sell my business was closed. For myself, as I believe is the case for most independent distributors, selling the family business is uncharted territory and I knew I needed seasoned professional help. Rick Thomas explained the process, assisted in packaging the offering, and negotiated with prospective buyers. I found great value in FOCUS’ services and would engage with them again.”

Hecky Heckendorf, President & CEO, Painters Supply

Photo: Hecky Heckendorf"Selling Painters Supply was an incredible and successful journey for me and my family. Using FOCUS to represent us was critical to taking conflict and uncertainty out of the process. After meeting with Dave Roberts and Rick Thomas to discuss our needs we identified the potential buyers and FOCUS took it from there. They found the buyers and organized the bids and responses. They have a process that kept everything moving forward while keeping me informed every step of the way. I had complete confidence in FOCUS and believe we obtained a better outcome with them on our team."

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