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Meet a Dealmaker: Sun Auto’s Garman Talks M&A Strategy

"I do think that values are leveling out and maybe even softening a bit and we might have hit a peak in valuations, at least for a little while," says Chris Garman, vice president of corporate development, Sun Auto Tire & Service Inc. "But the values are still really good and people are still able to retire based on what they’ve built."

Getting Your Business Ready

Michael McGregor is Managing Director at FOCUS Investment Banking. His experience includes fifteen years of advising on business transfers, capital raises, and management buyouts for middle-market businesses. He has been a founder or co-founder of three automotive-related businesses. Michael is the author of the book Buy, Build, Fix, Sell, which helps tire and service dealers …

Bruce’s Tire Case Study

Bruce's Tire has been acquired by Sun Auto Tire & Service, Inc.

Bruce’s Tire & Auto Service, a Fremont, California-based local tire specialist and repair center, has been acquired by Sun Auto Tire & Service, Inc, a leading provider of quality auto repair, maintenance, and tire services. This case study highlights the unique process of this transaction.
Photo: Joe Tomarchio

Meet the Dealmaker: Monro’s Joe Tomarchio

The Acquisitions Veteran Shares Strategy and Tips for Dealers Ready to Sell

Monro's Joe Tomarchio says, "The one overwhelming thing I see is that tire dealers don't collect for the value of their service, their convenience and their trustworthiness. They just don't charge enough."