An Industry Overview presented at the 2017 PBES Conference by Vincent Romans of the Romans Group, LLC.

This presentation was given at the AutoCare Association's annual PBES conference in May 2017.  It kicked off the first day of the conference and was the introductory portion of a panel discussion entitled "Managing Change in the PBE industry - Grow and Thrive, or Sell?"  To receive a recap of the panel contact David Roberts …

Download the FOCUS Enterprise-Focused Telecom Technology Quarterly: Spring 2017 Report

In public markets, the FOCUS Enterprise-Focused Telecom Technology Index (EFTTI) jumped 7.2% in our spring reporting period. This handily outperformed the S&P 500, which gained only 4.6% over the corresponding time frame. However, it slightly trailed the 7.7% gain in the NASDAQ. The picture for the full year looks very similar. The EFTTI delivered a strong year-over-year gain of 22.6%, which outperformed the S&P 500 but lagged the NASDAQ. Gains for the sector have been broad-based, with every single sub sector in the black for both the three- and 12-month periods. Sub sector multiples also are up significantly compared to last year.

AirVault and GE’s Predix: An Innovative New Route to Aircraft Records Management Supports NextGen Goals

Managing the Skies, May/June 2017 FOCUS announces the sale of our client, Critical Technologies, Inc. - doing business as AirVault® - to GE Aviation. After a decade providing strategic advice to AirVault, the result is this compelling transaction with one of the world’s most well-known and highly regarded companies.
FOCUS Information Technology Quarterly

Download the FOCUS Information Technology Group’s Spring 2017 Report

M&A activity continues to remain strong within the broad technology sector. 451 Research ranked the following sectors in order of highest amount of acquisition spend within the technology sector in 2015.

  1. Enterprise Security
  2. Mobile Technology
  3. Internet Content/Commerce
  4. Enterprise Application Software
  5. Enterprise Infrastructure Software

Mobile Technology has been drawing the highest amount of spend from acquirers …

Download the FOCUS U.S. Communications Service Provider Quarterly: Spring 2017 Report

The Communications Service Provider Index (CSPI) dipped into the red for our spring reporting period with a three-month loss of 1.0%. This significantly trailed the 5.5% gain in the S&P 500 and the 9.8% gain in the NASDAQ over the corresponding time period. This period’s underperformance also moves the CSPI behind the broader indices for

FOCUS Government, Aerospace and Defense Quarterly

Download the Government, Aerospace and Defense Group’s Spring 2017 Report

The latest issue of the FOCUS Government, Aerospace, and Defense Group Report — highlighting aerospace and defense — is now available. The new GAD Report includes:

  • Major Q1 2017 Deals in the GAD Sector
  • Performance: S&P 500 vs. GAD
  • Government Sector Q1 2017
  • Aerospace Sector Q1 2017
  • Defense Sector Q1 2017
  • M&A Activity in the
FOCUS Healthcare and Life Sciences Report

Download the FOCUS Healthcare and Life Sciences Report: Spring 2017

Inside, be sure to read the new article, “America’s 2017 Healthcare Economy: A Year of Opportunity and Uncertainty,” followed by two short sidebars discussing “Eight Ways to Improve Healthcare Deploying Three New Technologies—Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, and Virtual Reality (VR)” and “How a Decade of Healthcare Trends Evolved: 2017 versus 2007.”

Clearly, the way healthcare

Download the FOCUS Carrier-Focused Telecom Technology Quarterly: Spring 2017 Report

In public markets, the FOCUS Carrier-Focused Telecom Technology Index (CFTTI) rebounded from the loss we reported in our winter report to deliver a strong return of 12.6% for our spring reporting period. This gain outperformed both the 7.5% gain in the S&P 500 and the 9.4% gain in the NASDAQ over the corresponding three-month period.