In a January 4, 2016 article, The Wall Street Journal observed: “Stars that had long been out of alignment came together to make 2015 the biggest year ever for mergers and acquisitions and set up what could be another frenzied stretch in 2016…What’s more, whenever macroeconomic threats have arisen lately…the M&A market has remained steady, which could also bode well for 2016.

All the fundamentals are still there: Limited organic growth, low interest rates, lots of debt capacity, and shareholders who are friendly to the right strategic deals… it’s hard to imagine replicating 2015, but it’s not impossible… Some bankers are betting that the surge of megadeals will spur more middle-market activity, as big companies seek to sell or spin off assets that no longer fit, or to win antitrust approval… Industries that have sat out the boom could join in during 2016, say deal makers.”

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