Meet Michael McGregor

Being part of FOCUS means you can live a self-directed life. You are the driver of your success, and you have a team here to support you.

Michael McGregor



Currently Lives

Charlotte, NC


Automotive Aftermarket, Behavioral Health

M&A Experience

20 years

I founded several automotive related businesses and worked in a variety of roles with a Fortune 500 company including regional marketing manager, district manager, strategic program development and project management.

Although my career started in finance, I took a 20-year detour to work in the automotive aftermarket. I transitioned back into finance 20 years ago when I joined a regional investment bank based in Charlotte, NC. I have done deals in a variety of industries, but most have been in automotive and healthcare. Joining FOCUS in 2013 was the best career decision I have made. When I am not working, I enjoy fixing up my cabin, collecting pawn shop guitars and working out.

I was outgrowing my previous firm and needed more support to grow my business. I needed a larger boutique M&A firm where I could learn from more experienced bankers and have access to resources that were not then available to me. I did my own research to learn about firms that I thought could be a fit. FOCUS stood out from the others because of its size, experience, infrastructure (research and marketing) and it was an established brand. In particular, I also liked the fact that it is a registered investment bank licensed by the SEC and regulated by FINRA. It’s a real differentiator.

FOCUS allows me to concentrate on building my business and supports my efforts with its strong infrastructure. I have been with FOCUS for 10 years now. I am surrounded by seasoned bankers – most with operating experience within their industry. FOCUS is not so regimented that I can’t continue to be myself and operate in the way I do business. I am at a point in my career where professional and personal autonomy is very important to me. Not only does FOCUS allow that – it’s encouraged. Additionally, the compensation structure is very fair and transparent from the beginning. FOCUS offers bankers the opportunity to control their own success with great flexibility.

When bankers join FOCUS, they are welcomed by a team of highly collaborative individuals that all work together with one goal in mind – our clients. Even though I work mostly on the automotive team, I share my knowledge with everyone in the firm and help in other categories where I can. I am supported by a team of highly experienced analysts, research and marketing people. FOCUS runs like a big firm while still allowing everyone to operate like entrepreneurs.

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