Meet Leah White

Deal making expertise is what sets FOCUS apart from other middle market banks.

Leah White



Currently Lives

Pittsburgh, PA

Role at FOCUS

Managing Directors

M&A Experience

4+ years

My path to FOCUS was different than most of my colleagues. I started my finance career in traditional financial planning and strategy roles working for Fortune 500 and large privately held companies.

My primary responsibilities in these roles included supporting strategic planning initiatives, cross-functional projects and corporate operations. For many years before joining FOCUS I worked for a large institutional investor contributing to its private equity and hedge fund investment strategies. In this role, I was responsible for research, analysis and fund selection covering the $2B portfolio.

I wanted a change in careers and investment banking had always interested me. I came across FOCUS and interviewed several senior team members. The biggest factor in joining FOCUS was how they supported career progression. I joined FOCUS as a research associate and within 18 months I transitioned into a banker role on the consumer team. My traditional finance experience helped me become a banker with responsibility for creating my own pipeline of business and for executing transactions.

Being a banker at FOCUS is a high risk, high reward role where I am taking a bet on myself. FOCUS offers the opportunity to build your business in a unique way while providing a stable infrastructure. There is operational support which allows you to concentrate on transactions. The firm invests in its employees to help them succeed and also allows them to focus on what works best for your individual client needs.

Motivated individuals flourish in the FOCUS environment. From a support perspective you have access to administrative, compliance, marketing, and research teams. The guidelines provide continuity without being bureaucratic or burdening your productivity. The structure provides you with the ability to be effective in the marketplace. Everyone around you wants you to succeed and the culture exudes that.

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