Conditions: Favorable    Mood: Optimistic

Deal volume and deal value metrics are on the rise in the U.S., and FOCUS believes the M&A market will continue this trend into 2015—and even beyond. While numerous factors influence the completion of an M&A deal, at every size and in every industry, we believe the availability of capital and the decisionmakers’ confidence in the future are critical drivers of transaction activity.

With both of these factors in positive territory and expected to stay there, supported by conditions that range from low interest rates and low oil prices to high consumer confidence levels, FOCUS sees a strong year ahead for deal-making activity.

In economic markets supported by strengthening fundamentals, many deals are available in which both buyers and sellers can consider themselves “winners”—the ultimate goal of a successful transaction. A pipeline of these kinds of transactions supports the view that 2015 will be another growth year—and our inventory of middle market deals, scheduled to close in 2015, indicates FOCUS’ experience should mirror that of the overall market.

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