FOCUS Enterprise-Focused Telecom Technology Quarterly – Summer 2020

Telecom Investment Banking

Public Markets

After dipping slightly in our spring report, the Enterprise-Focused Telecom Technology Index (EFTTI) roared back in our summer period to past a three-month gain of 23.9%. Every single sub sector in the index was in positive territory, and three of the five sub sectors posted double digit gains.The EFTTI’s gains compared favorably to both the 12.3% gain in the S&P 500 and the 20.9% gain in the NASDAQ over the corresponding time period.This period’s strong performance was also good enough to bring the sector into the black for the full year period with a gain of 10.4%.This is on par with the year-over-year gain in the S&P 500 of 9.8%, but significantly lags the 31.4% gain in the NASDAQ. Sub sector multiples recovered nicely and are now higher than they were this same time last year. The sector revenue multiple increased from 4.8x to 5.3x, while the sector EBITDA multiple inched up from 20.0x to 20.9x.