FOCUS Healthcare and Life Sciences ReportInside, be sure to read the new article, “America’s 2017 Healthcare Economy: A Year of Opportunity and Uncertainty,” followed by two short sidebars discussing “Eight Ways to Improve Healthcare Deploying Three New Technologies—Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, and Virtual Reality (VR)” and “How a Decade of Healthcare Trends Evolved: 2017 versus 2007.”

Clearly, the way healthcare businesses operate is being changed—and challenged—by gee-whiz technologies expanding at a rapidly accelerating pace. Worldwide, the industry is being forced to adapt, to innovate, and to integrate these new technologies in a manner that delivers more value both to patients and to the business. There is lots to learn and even more to think about.

Also in this issue:

  • Performance: S&P 500 vs. Public Medical Service Companies; Public Medical Product Companies; and Public Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies
  • Revenue Earning Pharmaceutical Companies Pre-Revenue Earning Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Revenue Earning Biotechnology Companies Pre-Revenue Earning Biotechnology Companies
  • Medical Devices Supplies and Equipment
  • Diagnostics, Laboratories, and Tools Technology and IT
  • Provider Services Other Service
  • M&A Activity in Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Recent and Notable Healthcare Industry Transactions*
    Selected Healthcare Transactions Q1 2017

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