Photo: Steven Cariglio

I received three (3) unsolicited letters of intent to acquire my company in Q3 of 2020, and after 32 years in the business was at a crossroads on whether it was the right time to sell. During this period I developed a relationship with Abraham and the team at FOCUS.

When their buy side client stepped away, FOCUS’ MSP Team immediately shared eight (8) bolt-on and nine (9) merger-of-equal ideas with me. They then asked for an opportunity to introduce me to their top pick, which they believed was a perfect cultural and financial fit, and I agreed. Within seven days of meeting FOCUS’ top pick, I hired FOCUS to represent me, and signed a letter of intent with the acquirer. With guidance and counsel from FOCUS we closed the transaction in just over three (3) months.

FOCUS’ MSP Team was sensitive to my history with the company and did a great deal to educate me on the acquisition process. I am very impressed with their knowledge, transparency and connections in the MSP marketplace. I recommend FOCUS’ MSP Team, and will serve as a reference.