Photo: Kathryn Freeland“When we decided to re-enter the federal contracting market by acquiring a platform company, we sought to find the right investment banker with the reach, depth and breadth of knowledge of the market we were pursuing. After interviewing several bankers that were highly qualified, we met the good folks at FOCUS Investment Banking LLC. Eric Oganesoff, Managing Director and lead on our transaction, was both knowledgeable of the market and sensitive to what we were trying to accomplish. He, along with Marshall Graham, another Managing Director, initially profiled over 200 companies in their search and worked with us to narrow the scope to a more workable number. They interviewed 90 plus CEOs before short listing 15 quality companies that met our criteria. In addition, they facilitated the development of strategic relationships that will be beneficial to us for years to come. After careful review and many spirited discussions, FOCUS was instrumental in helping us close the acquisition of A-TEK, Inc. With A-TEK as our platform company, we will use its capabilities coupled with our past experience to leverage and build a company of significant size with both science and technology capability. Thanks to Team FOCUS the journey has gotten off to a great start.”