Photo: George Mackintosh“TestPlant’s appointment of Spectrum Systems as our US distributor followed an extensive review of government resellers by FOCUS’ Managing Directors Gerald Turner and Eric Oganesoff. Being based in London made it difficult for us to select the right distributor on our own. FOCUS was always available and quick to respond; they led a team which began by researching the technical market into which TestPlant wanted to sell its product. From a long list of resellers, a short list was prepared based on email and telephone dialogues and supported by FOCUS’ corporate due diligence. The FOCUS team then arranged a series of face-to-face meetings between the top candidate firms and TestPlant’s management. At the end of a five month process, Spectrum was judged as best positioned in experience and quality of service to partner with TestPlant. FOCUS was hugely helpful. They were wise counsellors and sounding boards. It made financial sense for us to engage FOCUS.”