Photo: Frank and Judy Pezzanite“LSSI was founded in 1981; since that time, our firm has been providing total library management services to government and public libraries. Today, we are the industry leader in providing outsourced library management. Our initial market was the U.S.Federal Government where we managed multiple agency library locations. In the late 1980s, we were introduced to Marshall Graham, the founder of FOCUS. Based, in part, on his guidance, our firm accepted the challenge of extending our total library management concept into the public library sector. By early 2006, our firm had a client list of more than 45 public libraries as well as numerous government agency clients including the Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institution, US Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. As my wife and I approached retirement age, we once again called on Marshall to represent us in acquiring outside investors. We needed a financial partner who would acquire a significant stake in LSSI while providing the increased working capital needed to fuel our company’s growth. Marshall introduced us to Islington Capital Partners, a Boston-based private equity firm that made the investment. The professional approach, deep research capability, and our long relationship with Marshall Graham of FOCUS proved to be a winning combination, resulting in a very successful transaction.”