Wealth Transition Advisory Services

Creating and building personal financial wealth from middle market business assets requires a varied, often complex, and sometimes difficult transition process. Because middle market business owners are specialists in running a business—not in steering successful transitions—FOCUS offers middle market business owners a unique Wealth Transition Advisory service.

Acting much like personal trainers, FOCUS Wealth Transition Advisory professionals help the owner of a privately-held middle market company maximize the structure and pricing of any alternative that provides liquidity. FOCUS Partners have a thorough knowledge of all of the financial services required by a privately-held company including trust and estate services, bank credit, asset based lending, mezzanine, and equity financing and mergers and acquisitions.

The FOCUS Wealth Transition Advisory process involves four separate sessions of five hours each, which tend to occur over a two to three month period. Sessions are educational for the middle market business owner who learns the language that investors, buyers, and investment bankers use as well as the rules-of–the-road for successful transactions.

Session I – Defining the Issues and Constituents
In this session, all of the factors that determine company value are defined as well as the interests of all of the participants.

Session II – Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses
This second session identifies those factors that will increase the value of the company to prospective investors or purchasers and ranks them by level of importance.

Session III – Crafting a Position
The third session assembles the factors, identified, and ranked in the first two sessions, by type of investor or purchaser. The best possible approach is crafted for each type of potential investor or purchaser.

Session IV – Preparing to Move Quickly
The fourth sessions acknowledges that “timing is everything” and prepares the business owner to move quickly, but only when and where he chooses.

Once completed, these sessions prepare the company to go to market in 45 days as compared to the 60 to 180 days required in a normal investment banking project. This is a crucial advantage in a time when the prices for privately held companies may change very quickly in a world dominated by crisis and change.