Middle Market Strategic Partnering and Alliances

Our middle market Strategic Partnering services supply our clients with other companies that have products and/or technologies that can benefit from additional sales channels, marketing skills, engineering expertise, manufacturing capacity, or investment. A middle market strategic partnering arrangement can take the form of a license agreement, a joint venture, a sale and service agreement, a contract manufacturing agreement, or an equity/debt investment.

FOCUS Partners are action-oriented in their assignments. A typical scenario usually involves an emerging middle market growth company that has a technology or product line, which is under-leveraged and can benefit from a relationship with a larger organization. The larger company can provide a distribution channel, manufacturing capacity, development funding to customize the technology or product to its market segment, and investment capital. The smaller company offers the larger company a focused “quick time-to-market” and customizing capability that often does not exist in a larger company.

While the above scenario makes clear sense, often each organization lacks the available staff to concentrate on the strategic potential of such a partnering arrangement. FOCUS Partners possess the skills to engineer such transactions for our middle market clients and are ideally suited to negotiate and close a deal to the strategic benefit of both organizations.