Middle Market Corporate Development Consulting

FOCUS Partners provide a wide range of consulting services for our middle market clients that are intended to assist operating management with preparing for an investment banking transaction. Our firm’s unique operational orientation prepares our Partners, Principals and Advisors to complete strategic planning, business planning, financial planning, market sizing, and analysis and competition studies for our middle market clients.

In many cases, FOCUS is called upon to conduct a corporate development “audit” in preparation for a middle market transaction. In these cases, a FOCUS team is dispatched to the client company to analyze each functional area of the organization resulting many times in very specific correction action recommendations to client management.

A FOCUS corporate development consulting engagement helps our middle market clients improve both their market attractiveness and competitive position. This critical process is greatly enhanced by the operating expertise of our FOCUS Partners, Principals and Advisors.

Once the corporate development recommendations have been implemented or corrective action is underway, our firm is ideally positioned to assist the middle market client company with its investment banking needs.