Middle Market Advisory Services

Quite often our firm is called upon to act as an advisor for our middle market clients on their strategic growth options. Since all FOCUS Partners have been operating executives prior to joining the firm, we are ideally suited to work with middle market CEOs and full management teams to advise them by looking at all of the corporate development options and alternatives and to make specific recommendations to management and the Board.

As your advisor, FOCUS will review your strategic plans, operating plans, and near and long term financial forecasts. We will analyze your balance sheet, operating statements, and all market trends and considerations before advising you on a growth course.

As your advisor and as a result of this strategic study, FOCUS can identify and analyze a variety of strategic alternatives such as divestitures, capital formation, and mergers and acquisitions. Options for our middle market clients typically include sourcing of equity or debt capital to restructure the balance sheet, seeking selected “tuck in” acquisitions to complement organic growth, or divesting of a division or a business unit that is no longer strategic to the client’s core business.

Once a strategic course is set, your FOCUS advisor will identify and analyze a range of appropriate financing alternatives, appropriate for a middle market company, that support corporate growth objectives and enhance shareholder value. FOCUS also advises our middle market clients on terms and structure of private placements, subordinated debentures, notes, convertible preferred stock, common stock, and partnership interests as well as debt placements and refinancing for growth initiatives and strategic transactions.

Once our corporate development recommendations are reviewed and approved by our client, FOCUS will execute on the plan by completing the necessary investment banking engagements to meet all objectives and to insure smooth implementation.