Photo: John Grady Team Member

John W. Grady

Managing Director

John W. Grady, a FOCUS Managing Director located in Austin, Texas, has executive and operating experience in consumer goods, pet/animal goods, hospitals/medical practices, franchises, computer hardware, enterprise software, telecoms, outsourced sales services, digital marketing, sales and marketing management, and agencies.  He serves FOCUS clients across many industries with merger and acquisition opportunities, with a special focus within Texas.
Greg Hagfors Team Member

Greg Hagfors

Senior Advisor

Greg Hagfors, a FOCUS Senior Advisor, has been a senior level healthcare executive for over 25 years.  His interests are in strategy development and deployment, operational and financial performance enhancement, and leadership development.
Photo: Timothy Tankosic, MD Team Member

Timothy Tankosic, MD

Senior Advisor

Dr. Tankosic has over 25 years of experience as a consultant, advisor and director/manager for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics and device industries. He has broad experience in major therapeutic areas and technologies and particular expertise in neuroscience and oncology.
Photo: Gail Simpson, PhD Team Member

Gail Simpson, PhD

Senior Advisor

Gail Simpson, PhD, has spent more than 25 years as a entrepreneur, management consultant, and executive skilled in research, strategic planning, product development, marketing, risk management and fraud control.
Photo: Les Mace Team Member

Les Mace

Senior Advisor

Les Mace, a FOCUS Senior Advisor, currently serves as a key strategic advisor to ESpace Labs, an electronic incubator in Bend, Oregon.  ESpace Labs specializes in prototyping and proof of concept for new products and processes, combining embedded systems and the Internet of Things (IoT).  IoT will spawn countless applications and expand automation solutions in almost every aspect of our daily lives, businesses, factories, and healthcare, all with dramatic, mostly positive impact on our economy.  However, IoT will require businesses to adapt and stay competitive with new operations paradigms using new connectivity models.  Because most organizations have no experience or skills in applying automation to their operations, ESpace Labs provides consulting services to meet these future requirements.
Photo: Bruce Juhola Team Member

Bruce Juhola

Senior Advisor

Bruce Juhola, a FOCUS Senior Advisor, is a business coach with a passion for creating successful business and leadership transformations exclusively with owners of small to middle-sized companies. He has over 45 years of management experience in technology companies, significant international experience and M&A expertise.
Photo: Craig Ladkin Team Member

Craig Ladkin

Managing Director

Craig Ladkin, a FOCUS Managing Director, has twenty-five years of experience managing complex financial and development transactions between private, public and non-profit sectors in a variety of industries and international jurisdictions. He has advised on and negotiated transactions from the very large; for clients such as the World Bank, IFC, the Treasury Departments of more than a dozen OECD nations, along with their state-owned power and utility companies, down to the very small; angel level investments, small city urban renewal projects and private school campuses.
Photo: David Freeland Team Member

David Freeland

Managing Director

David Freeland, a FOCUS Principal, has more than fifteen years of experience providing investment banking and management consulting services to a variety of corporate clients, ranging from the Fortune 500 to start-up businesses.
Photo: Brent Costello Team Member

Brent Costello

Managing Director

Brent Costello, a FOCUS Managing Director, has more than thirty years experience as an investment banker and mergers and acquisition and corporate finance lawyer. He has represented a wide range of clients in cross-border and domestic transactions, including small to mid-capitalization enterprises and public and private companies that also include family-owned entities.
Photo: John Bradshaw Team Member

John T. Bradshaw


John T. Bradshaw has over 30 years experience in sales, marketing, manufacturing, finance and systems engineering with corporations specializing in technology-driven business products and services.