Fiona Maxwell, Owner Concours Collision Centres LTD

When we decided to put our business up for sale we had no experience in this area so we decided we needed an expert.  We wouldn’t sell our home without a realtor so it made sense to engage a business broker that specialized in our industry and to hire a team that had our best …

Photo: Nancy Rolland Team Member

Nancy Rolland

Managing Director

Nancy Rolland has more than 20 years of experience sourcing, managing and executing mergers and acquisitions activities for multiple Fortune 500 companies as well as small business owners. Prior to joining FOCUS, Nancy was a Director of Corporate Development at AutoNation where she was responsible for business development and transaction execution. During her tenure, she managed and closed the single largest transaction completed by the company in more than 10 years.

Bob Mallon, President and CEO, Robert W. Mallon Inc.

When I decided it was time to get bigger or merge with someone bigger, I talked with my friend Hecky Heckendorf.  He had just sold Painters Supply and used FOCUS as his banker. Basically, he told me what a terrific job FOCUS had done for him, and if I was serious I needed their kind …


Daryl Flynn, CEO, Refinish Solutions

“I engaged with FOCUS Investment Banking based on a friend’s referral and am glad I did. Within seven months of our initial contact with David Roberts, the transaction to sell my business was closed. For myself, as I believe is the case for most independent distributors, selling the family business is uncharted territory and I


Hecky Heckendorf, President & CEO, Painters Supply

"Selling Painters Supply was an incredible and successful journey for me and my family. Using FOCUS to represent us was critical to taking conflict and uncertainty out of the process. After meeting with Dave Roberts and Rick Thomas to discuss our needs we identified the potential buyers and FOCUS took it from there. They found


Mike Levasseur, President, Keenan Auto Body

“We never would have had the success we had if it hadn't been for FOCUS. Dave Roberts and Rick Thomas gave us the knowledge we didn't have on our own. Their advice and support was incredible.  From the extensive preparation to the presentations to getting multiple bidders, every time I had a question, they were …


Leonard Lassak, Vice President, Operations, Kirmac Automotive Collision Systems Inc.

“Dave Roberts, leading our engagement for FOCUS, provided key advice and negotiating expertise that allowed us to create a win-win transaction with Kirmac Automotive Collision Systems. They enabled us to create the foundation for what is now the largest MSO in Seattle.”

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Photo: Gail Simpson, PhD Team Member

Gail Simpson, PhD

Senior Advisor

Gail Simpson, PhD, has spent more than 25 years as a entrepreneur, management consultant, and executive skilled in research, strategic planning, product development, marketing, risk management and fraud control.